Corporate Profile

■ Corporate Philosophy

「Always One Step Forward」

"Always One Step Forward" It is our corporate philosophy to accumulate any possible progress every day toward the ideal. Even for one small machine part, we are always trying to embody customer's every need and devise unique and niche solutions step-by-step with our continued research of technology. In order to meet customer's various different needs quickly, we offer wide ranges of standardized parts as well as semi-customized parts. Our aggressive challenge of "Always One Step Forward" will continue for a better future.

■Privacy Policy

Iwata Mfg. Co., Ltd. has created new corporate logo and, under this new logo mark,

we will enhance our usual customer service and develop new products as well as a better customer support system.

Our company website has also been renewed for easier searching, including our "Online Shop".

■Corporate Profile

Company Name Iwata Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Address 923-1 Ikejiri, Seki City, Gifu 501-3264
TEL 0575-23-6161
FAX 0575-23-6160
Founded 1964
Incorporated November, 1966
President Shuzo Iwata
Capital Yen 99,120,000.-
Annual Sales Yen 180,000,000.-
Number of Employee 100
Company Description Design and production of machinery parts for industrial robots, conveyors, food processing machinery, etc. Inclusive development of new products under cooperation with reliable overseas suppliers.
Main Banks The Juroku Bank, Ltd.
The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.
Gifu Shinkin Bank

 From Seki City to all over Japan and the World. Generating New Value.

Seki City, surrounded by large natural area, is located at the center of Gifu Prefecture, with excellent automobile access to expressways and a traditionally famous city for producing fine knives and Katana. From a city with such potential, we want to generate our own unique products and services all over Japan, as well as all over the world. All our staff are striving every day for this dream.

 Actualizing customer's satisfaction through various solution ideas.

Our mission is to give required value to customers through our technology and service. With our corporate philosophy 「Always One Step Forward」, we will keep supplying customers with impressive satisfaction by our flexible and unconventional idea.

  "Emphasizing the Person " creates the future.

We emphasize individual personality and ability, and value a self-contained job style - "Plan and Do by Yourself". This require a heavy responsibility, yet

 "Think Community". Grow with the local community

We "think community" and wish to grow with our community. Under such a philosophy, we have been dedicated to environment improvement, as well as to various cultural activities. Such activity will perpetuate, to "grow with the community".